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About Whales and Minnows

I just picked up an opinion of a fellow seteemian on steemit and what goes on in their minds...there it goes...

the below 2 openions are in response to a whale's post :

Well my friend Jerry, I follow upvote and resteem everything you do, you (and everyone else) are not returning the favor. As a minnow, I have been on Steemit for 3 months and for example, wrote and performed an original song a few days ago, and if you take out my own upvotes and bot hits from my own funds and self promotion, I have netted about 4 cents. I could see why you are so excited about Steemit, I mean everything you do goes to at least $200 - and yes you deserve it because you are providing excellent content, but as a new user, I am not sure this platform is truly sustainable. It appears to me that 3% of the users like you are gaining 98% of the money. I have about $1000 worth of SP and I am powering down in frustration. I would not advise investing everything in Steemit, I like the platform, but it doesn't seem very fair to new users and I don't see it being around for the long haul without some major structural changes. Good luck to you with your investment, and thank you for your videos, you seem like a genuine good guy and I am glad you are experiencing such success, but be careful putting all your eggs in one basket, a basket that looks a bit like a ponzi scheme to me. Don't get me wrong I do hope Steem goes to $10 or higher, but..... I could also see it failing as it is a strange lopsided social media platform. If I can't experience a bit of success, here how can I convince my Facebook friends to come over? For what? To be completely ignored by the community? If you care here is a link to my 4 cent post that has made me decide to power down "

And this one too:

This is absolutely true, very well pointed it out !!!
ALL Whales SHOULD/MUST support, upvote and comment on the work of new/budding Steemians, if they want this whole thing to get bigger, better and wiser and the price of Steem to rise and achieve newer heights  and greater dimensions. 

Links: Read the Original article HERE

Disclaimer: The above post is to depict the mood of steemit and in no way intended to demean any person or opinion.

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