From the Virtual to the Physical - A journey of friendship on steemit. - Steem-UP


From the Virtual to the Physical - A journey of friendship on steemit.

We first saw @exyle on the first day of the Steemfest.

 As far as I can recall, we were actually the first ones to arrive at the venue. @exyle was standing at the front entrance, very much looking the part and greeted us on our way in. We assumed he was part of the team organising the event and enquired where to go next. A minute later, he told us he had actually just got there and was waiting for the rest of us “steemians” to arrive. Could it have been fate?


They flew in Rotterdam on Thursday last week and pretty much ever since, it had been a roller coaster ride of non-stop fun. 

We had the pleasure of their exquisite company from morning to the wee early hours at night. Eating, talking, drinking and basically have one of the best times I can remember in a long time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for taking the plunge and help make it happen in the first place. After all, everything was organised with a backstory of only a mere two days of getting to know one another. And yet, that was all it took. 

" I guess that puts to bed the theory of great friendships being built upon a granite foundation of history and time. " 


and the story goes on...
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Credits: This post is from @rea on and is truly inspiring, it states how their friendship has blossomed on steemit.

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