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Need suggestion To Make Steemit Alive For Long Term

Request and Advice to all Bidding Bots to help steemit community:

In the fast growing steemit community and selling of thousands SBD votes per hour.
We should follow some rules in order to help the steemit community and work for the long term existence of the steemit reward pool .
If we are offering such high votes to every one who do not deserve the vote This way steemit life will end soon.And this way no one will get any benefits from the platform. We must think about the steemit success rather than our own success.
what i thought last night that If we should follow some rules here to make the steemit more secure and profitable for every one and give a chance to the new users as well we need to follow some rules and restriction.
The main problem these days are a trending page . Every one with a shit post is going to trending page.and it make a very Bad impression on steemit site.

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